Between 5 June 2020 and 18 June 2020, new weapons licence applications must be made in hard copy at your local police station.

Further information will be provided soon. An H license is for handguns. The Queensland Police Service has partnered with Australia Post to update the way new weapons licence applications are lodged both online and in-person. New weapons licence Find out what you need to do to get a gun licence in Queensland. Note: You have a legal obligation as a licence or permit holder to notify the Firearms Registry of any changes to your personal details. There are 2 main reasons… In June 2012, the ACC report on illicit firearms noted that there are more than 2.75 million registered firearms in Australia held by more than 730,000 individual license holders (the current population of Australia is approximately 22.8 million . How to get your firearm license in Victoria Below is a simple step by step process to getting your standard category A/B firearms licence in Victoria. Firearms licences are issued for 2 or 5 years with the exception of: first time applicants for a category H firearm licence with the genuine reason of: target shooting, who will be subject to a probationary pistol licence … Genuine Reason. The different categories of firearms are the same in every state and territory in Australia. From 18 June 2020, new weapons licence applications will be processed via Australia Post.
FACT Sheet - Minors Permit (PDF) Application The protection of yourself or another person is not considered a genuine reason.

Licence issued under Australia law which includes your photograph and/or signature (eg. If you want to buy a pistol in Australia you’ve got to be a member of a target pistol club. Regulation and licence requirements Firearms are regulated by the Firearms Act 1996 . Category A and B firearms are the most common types of firearms used by Field & Game Australia members, hunters, and clay target sport participants in Australia. Police Licensing Services (Firearms) is responsible for the: Assessment of all applications for ‘Original’ Firearms Licences and the addition of firearms … In Australia, the number and type of firearms which can be sold by a licensed gun dealer to a single gun owner is limited to one firearm per acquisition permit, in accordance with the particular firearm licence category 257 258 301 260 302 261 303 263 261 264 "In NSW and South Australia, persons under firearm prohibition orders are also ineligible for obtaining a new or renewing a firearms licence," the spokeswoman said. This web testing app is for those who prepares to take a Firearm Safety Course (or Firearm Awareness Test or similar training) as a part of licensing process. Category A firearms include: Air rifles; Blank-fire firearms at least 75 cm in length Refer to the  Licence Categories & Genuine Reason Table – … Firearms must be registered with Victoria Police, and a Permit to Acquire as well as an appropriate firearms licence is required to purchase, possess, carry and use such devices in Victoria. You can have more than one genuine reason on your firearms licence. New Zealand firearms licence application Firearms and dealer licence extensions [14 May 2020] In response to Covid-19, the Government has passed temporary legislation enabling the extension of firearms and dealers’ licences expiring between December 2019 and 25 September 2020. driver licence) 40 Government issued identification showing entitlement to financial benefit and includes your signature (eg. Further information will be provided soon. Gun licensing information, including how to apply for, cancel or renew a licence and what forms to fill out. (Category A/B outlined at the bottom of the page) New Applications Step 1a. From 18 June 2020, new weapons licence applications will be processed via Australia Post. This permit is for persons aged between 12 and 18 years who wish to possess and use firearms under supervision to receive instruction in the safe use of firearms or compete in approved target shooting events. healthcare card) If you have not previously held a Firearms Licence, you will have to make an application for an Original Firearms Licence. Welcome to the Australian Firearm Permit Quizz! Eligibility You must hold a current NSW firearms licence or permit, and may only apply for the type of firearm that your category of licence authorises you to possess.

In South Australia you are not generally required to provide justification for obtaining a Firearms License in class ‘A’ and ‘B’ for the purposes of target shooting, hunting or paintball. Online applications for new weapons licences will not be available during this time. Persons wishing to possess or use a firearm in Western Australia are governed by the Firearms Act 1973 and the Firearms Regulations 1974. Section 32 - Firearms Act 1996, Clause 53 and Clause 54 - Firearms Regulation 2017. You’ve got to do a minimum of eight competition shoots per … When you apply for a NSW firearms licence you must provide evidence of your genuine reason for the possession and use of firearms.

The Co-user Permission form is required when the existing firearm/s licence holder retains ownership of the firearm but allows the applicant to possess and use the firearm/s.