Founded in late 1999, Axiom was likely the legal industry’s first venture-backed start-up. Long-time tech-company leader Elena Donio, the chief executive officer of Axiom, is at the crossroads of the legal world and technology. Friedman estimates a healthy gross margin of 40%. AxiomSL, global technology leader in risk analytics, data management, and regulatory reporting solutions for financial firms delivers deep industry experience. The Axiom Quest logo was created by Remus Rigo to symbolize our vision to Embody Life More Fully! Axiom Technologies, LLC., 3 Water Street, Machias, ME 04654, USA 207.255.0679 207.255.0679 Axiom Standard 1.0 provides a roadmap to a highly productive and streamlined work environment.It has built-in solutions that range from simple to more complex. About us. Axiom Medical has been Dara’s professional emphasis for the last 15 years in various leadership roles. The legal profession is often – from the perspective of its clients – inefficient and ineffective, yet it is protected from competition in a variety of ways. In writing up the week 4 summary of “How Innovation Diffusions in the Legal Industry,” I discovered that it is near impossible to write about Axiom without referencing a larger change narrative.

Our passion is to help clients discover and develop through embodied inquiry and practice. Axiom is an award-winning global scientific engagement partner. As a mission-driven CRO, she is focused on growing the business and expanding the role of occupational medicine in ensuring the health and safety of employees. Every solution has been tried and tested and sequential implementation of the Axiom Standard 1.0 creates a … Axiom Legal billed $130 million in 2011, up 62%, which would put it in the top 200 legal firms in the US. Axiom Bank™s Board of Directors and Leadership Team use their experience and cross-industry knowledge to lead the bank on the path to success.