Fighting and Drinking comes naturally to a Bard. This section lists the group of items that fall into the category "Weapons". Dungeons in the Bard's Tale games are special zones separated from the main game world areas (Skara Brae, etc), usually populated with stronger monsters (and containing better loot).It's worth noting that Spell Points don't regenerate while you're in a dungeon, like they do outside during the daytime. 09-20-12 09:54 PM

Example damage stat: "2-16 (+2)" inflicts 4-18 pts of damage, before any additional adjustments. ... Dual Wielding. I enjoyed Bards Tale MUCH more than Tomb Raider.

6. The idea is to get your Dex to 15 and then focus on CHA, and take 4 levels of Barbarian and 16 of Bard. The AC value shows how much an item reduces your "Armor Class".

The price given is the "buying"-price. Properties: AC Rating - Items once equipped will reduce the character's AC rating by the given amount. Strength +4. 0. 1.

Weapons can be obtained from Garth's Equipment Shoppe and is left by killed monsters. 2. You can sell each item for half the price. Passive. A bardarian could work for you. … Damage Rating - Equipped weapons have a melee damage statistic, and some may have an additional magical damage boost. Added minor plot variation when being snarky to Bannafeet with high charisma. It seems difficult. 'The Bard's Tale IV" doesn't go out of it's way to explain basic systems or gameplay mechanics.

This skill is learned automatically and cannot be unlearned. Weapons: Version 1.4.3: December 4, 2004: Added a summon interaction and mentioned a reference to the original Bard's Tale. The Bard's Tale Series ↳ The Bard's Tale Series ↳ The Bard's Tale: News & Announcements ↳ The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut ↳ The Bard's Tale IV: General Discussion ↳ The Bard's Tale IV: Gameplay Discussion ↳ The Bard's Tale IV: Story Discussion ↳ The Bard's Tale IV: Technical Help ↳ The Mage's Tale Honestly, I don't recommend it. Bard abilities | Character classes in The Bard's Tale 4 The Bard's Tale 4 Guide and Walkthrough. This guide can help you avoid frustration when you're getting started. Your AB will be low due to the bard class, and even lower due to the dual-wielding. Doomed Hometown: After completing the Plot Tunnel from the the Mountain Pass to Dounby, the First Town Houton is destroyed and overrun by zombies. Each has an advantage of some kind: But it's best to only focus on two weapons. Thanks to this skill, you can wield two daggers at the same time. Tomb Raider is more of a straight up adventure game though, so they offer a different experience. Version 1.4.2: November 23, 2004: Added additional information on the man who demands an apology in Houton. Weapons. You can equip your character with another one-handed weapon, held in the off-hand. Post Comment. The weapons he can wield include a sword and shield, a 2-handed sword, a bow and a flail (and shield), as well as a dirk for dual-wielding. Also, the Bard is so wrapped up in his desire to sleep with Caleigh that he never stops to think about the whole thing.