Login to reply the answers Post; Andreas S. Lv 4. Probably the major effects would be mental or psychological sense most humans need sunlight for mood and comfort. DAVID NIELD . But do humans need direct exposure to sunlight to survive, not counting our food and heat sources? While some inventive humans might be able to survive on a Sun-less Earth for several days, months, or even years, life without the Sun would eventually prove to be impossible to maintain on Earth. Plants thrive under the bright full spectrum light, which natural sunlight provides. The Permian Extinction about 250,000,000 years ago, was caused when an enormous planet headed for the Sun, dropping fragments along the way as it passed Earth. All plants would die and, eventually, all animals that rely on plants for food — including humans — would die, too. Humans can't survive because the advantages of the sun are very essential for the things you mentioned for everything on this planet. And if you think yes, then why yes. If you choose the good growing light, the plants will grow better than under the sun. Without the Sun's rays, all photosynthesis on Earth would stop. Several people who claimed to survive on nothing more than air and sunlight have been caught sneaking food and water.

Humans would instead set up lights to allow them to see like the did above ground, because that's how we work now and it's allot easier to adapt our enviroment to support our need for light then it is to adapt our eyes to work without light. How cells manage to survive without the Sun You ask specifically about those animals that live in the deep dark of rock or sea. Aug 10, 2012 4:35 PM. The artificial lights can conduct photosynthesis to make use of and develop nutrients and without it they cannot survive to reach a full lifespan. Grateful if anyone could help. In other words, can humans be photosynthetic? Signed, Xo Favourite Truth: People over the age of 70 are not as intellegent as those under the age of 70, on average.
Humans get our energy from the food we eat, and all of that food is derived from the energy of the sun. But one thing she doesn't know is that we cannot survive without the sun. Thank you in advance :) We need the sun for plants to grow for us to recieve oxygen. I would definitely say that humans need the Sun to survive… Unless a person allows … How humans might outlive Earth, the sun...and even the universe ... humans should be able to survive — in some form — long after Earth has ceased to exist. No we cannot survive without the sun. If this is not possible, how long can a human live without sunlight. no humans can not survive without sunlight due to their dependence on plants. Login to reply the answers Post; Anonymous. How long can you live without sunlight? 1 decade ago. 0 0 1. A plant cannot survive without sunlight or a source of sunlight. By Brian Palmer. The sun warms the earth and provides energy to plants. Physically, a human would need supplements of vitamin D in their diet to survive physically without sunlight. If possible, I'd like a lot of points to fill up the pages in my book. Is it possible for a human being to live without any sunlight at all? Humans Can Sleep For Days When Living Alone Underground, Experiments Show . Living on light: woman attempts to prove humans can live without food This article is more than 6 years old A 65-year-old Seattle woman is attempting to go … Can humans survive only on sunlight without food, water, or any other helpful resources a human might need. Without the Sun's rays, all photosynthesis on Earth would stop. So, we need the sun to survive. 1 decade ago. Also, it would be very cold if the sun disapperared. All plants would die and, eventually, all animals that rely on plants for food — including humans — would die, too. The main difference between fasting and the Breatharian approach to food is that fasting has an end point. An individual person can survive without sunlight (although there is an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency) but the human race as a whole cannot, since we depend upon green plants. Now we know that life can exist without sunlight, but there are still a lot of things that we don't know about how it works. 24 APRIL 2018 . If so, what are the conditions needed to sustain human life without sunlight. Fluorescent lighting can take the place of sunlight for a plant if sunlight is not possible.