Since Jupiter has no solid surface, Jovian aliens would have to float or fly, surviving in … We may never see what's beneath those majestic clouds. Thus people cannot survive simply. The surface is made of gas, and underneath is a liquid layer, only liquid because of the extreme pressure. 2. If Juno can penetrate the outer gas clouds and reach the planet’s core, we will be able to answer the question but it is safe to say that even if there is a solid mass underneath all the dangerous gases, ice cold shade, ten hour days, and 12 year long years, humans will not be able to live there anytime soon.

... You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. And today’s question is, “Can humans live on Saturn?“ Elementary bits about Saturn If you know much about Saturn from grade school, you know that Saturn is a planet. Human's can't live on Jupiter.

On top of that , there is no oxygen in the planet .

Living On Europa Explained: Humans Might Not Be First ... Jupiter appears 24 times larger than the moon appears ... we promise. Today, on The TechSeer, we are answering questions. We can’t say for sure, but the Jovian environment is so inhospitable that the possibility of life is slim. Can't we are living on earth since we were emerged and went through the evolution to adapt..the same applies to any other need to emerge from there..otherwise need lot artificial support which will be very complicated..

Jupiter is so gravitationally strong that if you stood on its surface, you would be pulled to its core with immense force squashing you into pulp. Explanation: First of all , the moon of Jupiter does not have a proper atmosphere . What would happen if humans tried to land on ... trying to land on Jupiter is a bad idea. Any Jovian life would have to be quite different from any organism on Earth. What Would It Be Like to Live on Jupiter's Moon Europa? By Joseph Castro 03 March 2015. Here are the arguments: 1. With our present knowledge and technology, NO. It is one of the eight known planets in ourRead More You wouldn't even make it through the atmosphere. Thus it would not be a safe planet to live in particularly because there is danger of being hit by meteorites . (Rather than a moon, asteroid, space station, etc). NO , we can never live on the moon of Jupiter namely Europa .