The game has a medieval setting and uses the first-person perspective.. 17.October 2013 . Earth crystal 3. King's Field 2 Walkthrough A Work in Progress Shadow Tower Web Page Another From Software game I enjoy The Verdite Story My Own Novel, Also In Progress The Verdite Inn - A YAHOO Club THE Place for Kings Field/Agetec/From Software Afficianados Eternal Ring Webpage By Martin Ramirez, who also has supplied all the pencil drawn Maps for this site. Write a description about your topic. US Version: Last Fight Save SaveGame. Check the barrels. Talk to Joe Santos. Green chest 8. Crescent ax 2. KING'S FIELD 2(King's Field 1 in US)-[PSX] Release Date: July 21st,1995(JPN)-December 31,1995(US),January 1st,1996(EU) King's Field 2 is the first KF game that has been released outside of Japan.So it's called "King's Field 1" in Europe and America but i will prefer using KF2 for it.And this is my 2nd KF game also. King's Field II (キングス ... "This title has all the great aspects of a true RPG, including items to pick up and equip, but also has an adventure feel to it because of the strategy used in doing battle with the enemies." ===== KING'S FIELD - FAQ v1.0 By ZyXx ( ===== .-----. Introduction ===== Game: King's Field II (US release title) System: Playstation Version: English 1996 Thanks for looking up this guide.

Slash +2 / Chop +1 / Stab +4 / Holy +0 / Fire +0. It just gives you some of the basics and lets you explore and discover things on your own. PRICE: Buy: Gill 950 Sell: Gill 580 / Light 780. Socketed (2) Adds 211-397 Fire Damage (2 Items) Adds 7-477 Lightning Damage (3 Items) Adds 127-364 Cold Damage - 6 Second Duration (4 Items) +204 Poison Damage Over 6 Seconds (5 Items) Adds 250-361 Magic Damage (Full Set) Lastly, the story continues from the 1st game immersing you so deeply in the game you'll have to pinch yourself when you stop playing to make sure you're back in the real world! King's Field, being the father of the Dark Souls games really needs a good review, so here's one for you. 1. There are 30+ detailed people to converse with throughout the course of the game, with a recording system for both the dialogue and the explored areas in the game.

King's Field is a long running series that started as a launch title of PSX and that have spawned 3 direct sequels and other spiritual ones like Shadow … In King's Field you play as Alexander who was on a mission to retrieve the holy sword from Melanet, On the way across the harbor they experienced bad weather and the ship struck the rocks and fell apart, Alexander was able to swim to shore. King's Field is a series of first-person RPGs by From Software (better known for the mecha-combat series Armored Core).Despite being Japanese, the gameplay and story conventions have far more in common with Western role-playing games such as the Ultima Underworld series, though the gameplay mechanics are far simpler and they still have distinct Japanese touches. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it. Most Popular. A source of general knowledge about the video game series, King's Field. King's Field 2. PRICE: Buy: Gill 2700 Sell: Gill 2200 / Light 2200.

Latest activity Edit King's Field 2, like the 1st game, is a totally open world. 28.February 2014 Stronghold Crusader HD. Brown chest You are now ready to go to the Path of Poison. Promeus 5. The Moonlight Greatsword originally appeared in King's Field as the Moonlight Sword, and has since appeared in every FromSoftware title. The game was released in Japan on July 21, 1995. Through mind-boggling graphics on its release, and still resilient graphics by today's standards, Kings Field 2 is an amazing game like its predecessor, Kings Field. King's Field II (キングスフィールドII) is a role-playing video game produced by FromSoftware for the PlayStation in 1995. Welcome to the The Kings Field Wiki Edit. Describe your topic Edit. December 2013 Rage 2. Magicians key 6. 22.May 2019 Red Dead Redemption 2. Spells are learned by finding crystals of these types and using them. Command and Conquer Generals - Zero Hour. 30. King's field is a game that is consistant with its story and its manual, that is the story involves being lost on a little known island, so it doesn't list many items and their functions or tell you what to do or where to go. PATH OF POISON Stock up on healing items. 04.March 2019 Vampyr. Warp back to Ralugo. You will find wisdom fruit. In other words, you can always go back to the first village you started the game in. Locations 3D: Crescent Axe: ATTACK: Average: 26 Slash +3 / Chop +9 / Stab +2 / Holy +0 / Fire +0.