Luka says. And Trevor is the laid back one of the group he always knows what to say and overdoses on sarcasm. It’s a short traditional song but they make every second … "Because you know better, Adrien." On the verge of passing out Luka gently picks up Yuki in his arms and carries him to his room. In the song, the boy Luka is an abused child - In real life I don't think he was. This easily became one of my favorite songs in the game and the one I found myself playing the most. "Marinette knows you can't control other people." Marinette always thought that was one of the most adorable quirks he had. "I want to. Adrien rubs his neck. She loves fighting with Joe. I always remembered his name, and I always remembered his face, and I didn't know much about him, but he just seemed set apart from these other children that I would see playing.

Luka doesn't like fighting in general, but to have someone teach her how to block and attack properly, anything that will let her to improve her chances at survival is something Luka won't say no to. He used to live in Pennsylvania but he's living in L.A right now. Felix: Cold Businessman in his families film business And of Course, Damian Wayne: Future Ceo of Wayne Incorp. Why does he always say that Yuki wonders as he takes Lukas hand, 'it must have something to do with our contract.' Luka Couffine: Future Pop Idol of Rock in the making (Fannon ver.) This left Toko sad. Luka knows she's not one for love anyway. I think he was just different."

"She needs you to support her, not take down her enemies." Juleka crosses her arms and scowls at him. I … not wanting to think about it anymore he stands up so emotionally exhausted he falls into Luka.

The lyrics are great, and Luka sounds incredibly good here. But… I don't know how.

The melody, the beat, the tuning of Luka’s voice, it’s all great here. It’s a short song where Luka sings about finding a friend who was taken away from her to keep her promise to always be her.

He refuses and interrupts Toko when she tries to tell Yuki herself. Luka held up the photo and scrunched up his nose in thought. And his character is what I based the song 'Luka' on.

Even after Yuki arrived she tried to help Luka by urging him to reveal his relationship with Yuki. “But no, I don’t think I’ve seen this photo before.

Joe. “God, we look so young here. Why're you after me about this? I can’t believe it’s been almost ten years since this,” he said. When she confronted him about this, he told her not to tread lightly on other people’s affairs. Caleb and I met them at a battle of the bands tournament with our schools, and we've been friends ever since" I closed my eyes sighing, "they're all idiots but I wouldn't trade my family for the world." Why not talk to Alya?" Toko always tries to interact with Luka and hopefully break down the wall around his heart. It surprises Luka that Joe is actually a very tactile teacher.