Metolius Easy Aiders. Metolius Equaliser Anchor 16mm 3m. Weight: 3.5 oz. Overall the regular daisy chains are faster and require less management. It uses 11mm Monster Sling dyneema webbing and meets CE/UIAA sling regulations. $54.95. $189.95. For body weight only. They are not rated to take unexpected falls. $79.95. The Ultimate Daisy Chain is a versatile piece of equipment that can also be used as a sling or an anchor equalizer. Ultimate Daisy - orange/black The only daisy chain to pass the CE/UIAA sling standard, the Ultimate Daisy has a strength of 22 kN in any configuration thereby eliminating the potential dangers of traditional daisy construction. This pretty much makes them not appropriate for aid lead climbing unless you have system where a daisy fall is never a possibility (not a system I would use). Choose from our standard nylon or daisies or our revolutionary Easy Daisy. Metolius El Cap Haul Bag 157L - Green. Dynamic Daisy Chain The world's first and only Dynamic Daisy Chain. $49.95. $429.95. (99 g) From $62.95. The Metolius Easy Daisy is a revolutionary adjustable daisy design that allows you to operate both the buckle and the carabiner without changing your grip. Metolius Dynamic Daisy Chain - Red/Green. Daisy Chains Daisy Chains can be used for rigging jumars, leading aid pitches and sorting out complicated belays. Metolius Dynamic PAS - Green with Red. Metolius Equaliser Anchor 16mm 4.5m . $119.95. Metolius Daisy Chains are for body weight use only. Metolius Express Pack. Each loop is rated to 15 kN, eliminating the pocket failure problem of traditional daisies Weight: 6 oz (170 g) Metolius Easy Daisy. Metolius Dynamic PAS - Red with Green. It is made from ¾" nylon webbing and has anodized CNC aluminum buckles for durability. Sold Out. $64.95. Metolius … The Metolius Ultimate Daisy gets around the usual daisy chain pocket faiures by using loops which are individually rated to 22kN. $79.95.