<!–:pt–>ILUSIONISTAS, 2012. <!–:–><!–:en–>ILUSIONISTS, 2012. <!–:–><!–:es–>ILUSIONISTAS, 2012. <!–:–>

All fixed, and suddenly.

A meeting, a celebration, whispers, words become actions and songs, a deviant composition, bodies-situations, spells, things that move. The voices, voices, the names, names. One thing, a joy similar to violence.

During the creation we crossed diferent moments, seeking to realize a variety of ways of living and thus situate ourselves in our time. We´ve worked movement, gestures and the gaze aware to diferences, complementarities and the changing of point of views. We were interested by possibilities of going beyond the significations. Here we are, in between fantasies and welcome misunderstandings.

Ilusionists presents itself as a thing, a live thing.

Ilusionists offers an experience through language and representation, among seing and being seen, and the unceasing (de)construction of the self and the other. The space and the scene revels in constant transformation.

Ilusionists is the fourth project in which João Lima and Vítor Roriz meet. Awarded with the Prize Funarte Klauss Vianna, it premiered on the 2nd of august of 2012, followed by a season of 12 performances at the Teatro Hermilo Borba Filho, Recife; most recently have already been presented in Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon.



elemento 6-02

Creation and performance  João Lima and Vítor Roriz
Artistic direction  João Lima
Sound design  Claudio N
Light design  João Lima and Vítor Roriz
Colaboration   Marcelo Pedroso (dramaturgic research), Johann Maheut (scenography), Clara Simas (costumes).
Photographs  Breno César and Tristán Peréz-Martin
Graphic design  Cecília Torres
Project assesment  Marta Vieira
Filming and editing  Daniel Bandeira
Residences – Centro Cívico Barceloneta and Centro de Formação e Pesquisa das Artes Cênicas Apolo-Hermilo.
Lenght  50 minutes


Project awarded by the Prize Funarte Klauss Vianna.

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