“this is the beginning. the beginning. the beginning.
a rite of death and birth, like all the others.
a rite of passage, like all the others.

yes, no, perhaps. this story happens. in it’s own mesure. this story writes itself. like this with no vigor. just letting itself happen before our eyes. opened or closed. this story to nothing resists. its language is secret, couldn’t be more primitive. accidentally trespassed by an intimate freedom, it overpasses each word and follows hand in hand to astonishment, contemplating the continuity of what it doesn’t know. delirium always.

a cerimony of the yes.
a form of life, naked, truly possible, inpired by joys and memories of a glorious becoming.
until the next metheor shower.”
João Lima for Involuntariamente, 2007

Involuntariamente (Involuntarily) follows the deepening of some directions found in Sand Castle, a performance presented in June 2007 at O Espaço do Tempo, in the context of Transfer Project. From Sand Castle we have recovered the simbols and reinforced the state: the secret cumplicity between the three performers and the physical and emotional compromise with the language found.

To build and let traces, even if involuntarily.

Concept and performance_Sofia Dias, Vítor Roriz, João Lima
Sound mix_Sofia Dias
Co-production_ O Espaço do Tempo
Residence_Summer Studios (Brussels)
Premiere_Black Box, O Espaço do Tempo 2007
Length 50′

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