Involuntarily my lungs inhale oxigen, my heart pumps blood into my veins and the temperature of my body usually stays in a high level of about 36º. Every time I make an effort I breathe more deeply than usual and I feel tired; when I’m cold my teeth chatter and my body trembles; when I’m hot I sweat; everytime I feel tired enough I rest or I sleep. If my stomach contracts and I feek the pain of hunger, I think about taking food into my mouth, where it is moistened and sent to the digestive tube. When I feel pressure in my bladder, I urinate and when my intestines are full, I defecate.

Concept and performance_Sofia Dias, Vítor Roriz, João Lima
Sound mix_Sofia Dias
Post editing_Tiago Cerqueira
Assistance_Marta Cerqueira
Co-production_TRANSFER O Espaço do Tempo, La Caldera
Premiere_Black Box O Espaço do Tempo 2007.
Length 40′

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<!–:pt–>AMOR E RESTOS HUMANOS, 2002.<!–:–><!–:en–>AMOR E RESTOS HUMANOS, 2002.<!–:–><!–:es–>AMOR E RESTOS HUMANOS, 2002.<!–:–>
(Português) MORDER A LÍNGUA, 2014
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