<!–:pt–>SEVEN SOLOS FOR ELEVEN SCENES – Falling Through, 2004.<!–:–><!–:en–>SEVEN SOLOS FOR ELEVEN SCENES – Falling Through, 2004.<!–:–><!–:es–>SEVEN SOLOS FOR ELEVEN SCENES – Falling Through, 2004.<!–:–>

A space of dense energy, images and situations, memories of the past…
7 bodies moving individually without any real bond…
The 8th body gives volume while drawing histories on them…
Truth or lie, the eternal question…
An intense soundtrack keeps them as prisioners…
The histories are about common people, with normal activities, told by while they dance.
Living in an different ambient…
(Peter Michael Dietz)

Creation and coreographies – Peter Michael Dietz
Original Music – Dj Dolores
Special participation – Fernando Catatau (guitar); Thomas Roher (sax and rabeca); Bactéria (piano)
Costumes and scenography – Renata Pinheiro
Costumes  – griffe demônios me mordo
Costume assistant – Ingrid Mata
Hair and makeup – Fernando Costa
Mask – Fernando Peres
Light design- Nuno Meira
Communication – André Rosemberg
Sculptures (graphic material)- Renata Pinheiro
Performers – Fernanda Lisboa, Leonor Keil, Marta Cerqueira, Marta Silva, Félix Lozano, João Lima and Rodrigo Melo
Co-production: Companhia Paulo Ribeiro (Portugal), Centro de Formação e Pesquisa das Artes Cênicas Teatro Apolo Hermilo (Brazil)
Executive production – Companhia Paulo Ribeiro (Portugal) and Lumina Cine (Brazil)
Production direction – Albino Moura (Portugal) and Adriana Faria (Brazil)
Production assistants – Amélia Cunha and Alessandra Leão
Length –  80 minutes

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