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— by Márcio Bastos, Folha de Pernambuco. August, 2012. —

“ILUSIONISTS” is the fourth project of the collaboration between João Lima and Vítor Roriz. Living in Europe since 2004, the brazilian artist João Lima appeared for the last time in Recife in 2010 with the show “O Outro do Outro”. Now he comes to debut his fourth collaboration with the portuguese Vítor Roriz, “Ilusionists”, which premires tonight,at the Teatro Hermilo Borba Filho. Conceived and performed by both artists, the work reflects on issues related to the contemporarity, such as human relations, identity and temporality.

“We wanted to develop a dramaturgy free from definitions; and we disered to investigate our relationship with time,” says João Lima. In “Ilusionists”, the artists propose a temporality that unfolds before the viewer. For this, they construct a narrative from everyday situations, easily recognizable, and other from a fictional character. “Our intention was to go from the ordinary to reach the extraordinary. It’s a simple show, but intriguing, “he says. According to João, the show is an invitation to “a perplexed look”. “The piece has a place of strangeness that we find very valuable”, he believes. To João, “Ilusionists” runs away from labels – it is theater, dance and dialogues to the visual arts proposing na unique kind of experience. “This work is a mestizo, we want to install a new look to things and situations that have become commonplace”, he emphasizes. During the creation, one question became clear to the artists: the need to find a place of speech to debate on the contemporarity. “We wanted to find out how to speak abou tour time, in our time and for our time” completes João.

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